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Shannon Gonzales, GISP

I have always had a deep love of geography, maps & cartography! Since I've been old enough to hold a book, I have loved looking at maps. Maps combine artistry and science in a way that, for me, feels simply brilliant. I have worked as a GIS Analyst for over 12 years in the environmental consulting industry but I have been on a new cartographic journey the last couple of years, with the intention to really dive into creative cartography/ mapping. I’ve been absolutely inspired by various artists, cartographers and geospatial professionals in the industry and the incredible knowledge, talent and artistry they possess. I have set out with a clear goal in my mind: Listen, Learn and Create… and I have been having so much fun doing exactly that!

As I’ve traveled down this newly forged path, I have been blown away by how helpful this incredible global cartographic community is, and how willing they are to share techniques, tips, tricks and even just geo geek-out. (When you find yourself submerged in waves of map & geography puns, you know you’re on the right path!)

As I start to grow my own personal portfolio of maps, I will be posting them here, along with any thoughts or ideas about cartography.  I love (and encourage) feedback, both for any portfolio maps or for this site in general, so reach out any time!

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