Cartography Resources

If you have any additional resources you would like me to list, please reach out and let me know!

Blogs & Tutorials

Adventures in Mapping


Blogs, Maps and Tutorials by John Nelson; Cartographer at ESRI, Firefly Catcher and the Pro-Master Stylist. 

Cartonerd: Cartographic Identity Disorder


Blogs and Maps by Dr. Kenneth Field, Senior Cartographic Product Engineer at ESRI, Cricket & Football fan and Cartonerd Extraordinaire

Something About Maps


Blogs, Tutorials and Cartographic Information by Daniel Huffman; master cartographer and sharp eye for detail. Always go "Full-Huffman".

Social Media



Get together in person or online via twitter to collaborate on creative cartography projects you feel like you "just don't have time" to work on. Amazing group and very fun creative outlet!

Data & Reference

Natural Earth


Open Source Data for cartography & GIS

Color Brewer 2.0


Color advice for cartography. A fantastic resource for color on your maps, including hues that are accessible for color-blind designs.

The Viridis Color Palettes


Color Scales for plotting that are accessible for color-blind designs and grey scale printing.

Map Projections in ArcGIS


Story map created by  Bojan Šavrič & Melita Kennedy showing 68 projections that are supported in ArcGIS 10.7 & ArcPro 2.4

Equal Earth Projection


Come learn about this amazing new projection, created by Tom Patterson & Bojan Savric  

Projection Wizard


Find customized projections for the location of your map!

Career & Community

Women in GIS


A valuable resource helping women find careers and opportunities in the geospatial community.



North American Cartographic Information Society. Find information about all things cartographic in the region and tap into the incredible cartographic community. 

National Geographic Maps


Always an amazing place for inspiration... National Geographic has been an iconic mapping source for generations.

GIS Corps


Volunteer abroad or at home on projects that require geospatial help. 

Penn State MGIS Program


 Master of GIS Program through Penn State. Earn your degree online, meet incredible professors and students from around the globe.